• You CANNOT spend Lifestyle Home gift cards directly in shops. You have to Register & Swap, then Shop.
  • Allow up to 24 hours from purchasing a Lifestyle Home gift card until attempting to Register & Swap.
  • If you don’t think you’ve received your retailer e-gift card, first check your spam or junk folder.
  • Always check retailer e-gift card terms and conditions before swapping your Lifestyle Home gift card.
  • You cannot change or cancel retailer e-gift cards once they have been swapped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifestyle Home is a multi-retailer gift card that allows recipients to swap and spend the value of their Lifestyle Home gift card with one or more of over 80 UK retailers. Lifestyle Home must be registered online before swapping in to a retailer e-gift card of choice to then go shopping with. Although you need to treat the gift card as you would cash the Lifestyle Home gift card itself is not a payment method so cannot be used directly in shops.

No. You have to register and swap via www.lifestylehomegift.co.uk. Select Spend my gift card and follow the instructions.

Click Spend your gift card on www.lifestylehomegift.co.uk. You’ll find this at the top of the homepage. New customers will need to register your voucher to set up an account. Existing account holders need to click Login to My Account button then enter your Lifestyle gift card code. Your account will be credited with the value of your Lifestyle gift card.

The gift card code and security code are clearly located on the reverse of the Lifestyle Home gift card.

No. If you don’t spend the full value of your Lifestyle Ultimate gift card, any unspent funds will be instantly credited to your account.

Yes. You can spend your balance however you wish and on as few or as many retailers as you want. Any unspent funds will remain on your account until the gift card expiry date.

Once logged in you can see your balance in the top right of your screen (on PC). You can also view your balance within My Account. You will need to have registered and logged in to access My Account.

Yes. Lifestyle Home and it’s associated credit is valid for 18 months from the date of purchase and must be redeemed within this period.

Please first double check the details of your Lifestyle Home gift card have been entered correctly. If your gift card is still being reported as already registered or invalid go in to My Account and check out the Statement section. You will see your current Lifestyle Home balance. If you cannot see the gift card amount on the balance or within the statement, please contact us on enquiries@lifestylehomegift.co.uk

If you have not registered your Lifestyle Home gift card:
As the gift card is not personal or registered it’s as good as cash so cannot be replaced when lost or stolen. If you have written down your card number, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can block your card. If you do not have any details then we will not be able assist.

If you have registered your Lifestyle Home gift card:
Please contact our Lifestyle Home customer service team on enquiries@lifestylehomegift.co.uk being sure to provide us with the details you set your account up with and we’ll be able to investigate and assist.

No. Once the Lifestyle Home gift card has been purchased and activated it is not possible to obtain a refund.  We are confident, however, that with our broad choice of brands, there will be something that will interest you!

Simply log in to My Account, then select Statement and then Breakdown. Here you will find details of all your previous gift cards, remaining balances and their expiry dates.

Yes. Please email us on enquiries@lifestylehomegift.co.uk with a convienient time and number to call you (during working hours). A member of the team will be more than happy to process a balance top up for you.

Yes, you can register your Lifestyle Home gift card and use at a later date. The value of your card will sit as a balance on your account to spend how and when you wish. It will still expire if not used, partially or fully, 18 months after the original purchase date.

Please contact us on enquiries@lifestylehomegift.co.uk quoting your Lifestyle Home gift card code and the incorrect email address you set the account up with. We will investigate and use all our endeavours to help and rectify the situation. Unfortunately, if the email address you have originally registered your Lifestyle Home gift card to is in use we have no way of stopping the recipient from using your Lifestyle Home gift card. Please note Lifestyle Home gift cards must be treated as cash and cannot be replaced.

Yes. So long as you haven’t registered your Lifestyle Ultimate gift card it can be given to someone else or gifted on. Please treat the gift card as you would cash.

Lifestyle Home and The Lifestyle Voucher are both multi-retailer gift cards brought to you by Motivates Inc Ltd (www.motivates.co.uk). Lifestyle Home is our gift card designed for the consumer, hence available in shops and supermarkets across the UK. The Lifestyle Voucher is not available on the high street and is for business customers only. Many businesses use The Lifestyle Voucher to reward/thank general public customers as well as their own staff so there may be a few of you who are lucky enough to get both a Lifestyle Voucher and Lifestyle Home.

No. Depending on the retailer the choice is either a digital e-gift card emailed to you or a physical gift card sent in the post. Over 95% of all retailers on Lifestyle Home provide digital, emailed e-gift cards.

This depends on the type of gift card retailers offer, so read the retailer’s Important Information on the Lifestyle Home website (once you’ve registered) before you confirm your order. Some can be used online only or in-store only but many can be used both in-store and online.

No. Once the order has been processed it is not possible to cancel or exchange.

Although 95% of retailer gift cards are sent by email, some are posted. If the brand you have swapped for provides e-gift cards then you will find it in your eWallet. Please check the retailer’s Important Information section to see how your gift card is being sent. Gift cards sent by post can take up to seven working days, however the exact timings are stated within each retailer’s Important Information section. If it’s sent by email please ensure to check your email spam/junk folder and the email address registered to your Lifestyle Home account (see My Details in My Account).

No. Retailers all offer different values of e-gift card and we aim to provide as much choice from their available options.

Each retailer’s validity and expiry policies are different. As well as providing a link to each retailer’s terms and conditions (if/where they have an online link to specific gift card terms and conditions) as well as clearly highlighting each retailer’s expiry period in Important Information. You will also find it on the email you would have received with your retailer e-gift card.

No. There are no fees or additional charges through the gift card redemption process.

Once you have swapped your Lifestyle Home gift card you are subject to each retailer’s own gift card terms and conditions. Motivates are not liable for lost or stolen retailer gift cards or e-gift cards or dealing with enquiries relating to lost or stolen gift cards or e-gift cards. You must contact the retailer direct. Sometimes gift cards/e-gift cards are delivered to an incorrect postal or email address. As this information is provided exactly how customers submit it, it’s essential to ensure addresses are correct at the time of swapping Lifestyle Home gift cards.

Each retailer has different terms and conditions so be sure to check these before you swap your Lifestyle Home gift card. Where retailers have specific online gift card terms and conditions we provide a link so you can check before you commit to swapping your Lifestyle Home gift card. Once swapped you cannot cancel, refund or exchange.

Occasionally there may be instances of specific values of retailer e-gift card being “out of stock – coming soon!”. In this situation we recommend using other values to make up the value you require, or to choose one of the other 80+ brands available. When there is a stock shortage it is typically replenished within 2-4 working days.

Retailers are subject to change, and subject to availability. Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

Yes. As long as the retailer e-gift card hasn’t been spent. You can print the retailer e-gift card or forward this by email onto someone else to use.

When logged in, you can download a copy of your e-gift card in My Account. Retailer e-gift cards are also automatically saved in your eWallet for you to access anytime without the need to email them to yourself.

Yes. Retailer e-gift cards are automatically saved in your eWallet to access anytime without the need to email them to yourself.

This is the responsibility of the retailer so you will need to contact the retailer direct in this situation.

This is the responsibility of the retailer so you will need to contact the retailer direct in this situation.

Please contact us on enquiries@lifestylehomegift.co.uk

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